How to cancel a rental.


Cancelling your rental is easy and free. Just follow the steps below to cancel your rental and return your product.

Put In Box
Put your product back in the box it was originally delivered in. Please be careful to package carefully to avoid any damage in transit.
Get Label
Send us a message and we will send you a pre-paid return label. Stick the return label to the outside of the box. Make a note of the tracking number.
Small easy payments
You can either have UPS collect from your house or drop off at your local UPS drop-off point. Click HERE to find your nearest drop-off point.
Free collection
If you wish to have UPS collect from your house please click HERE to book a collection.
Hassle Free
Your rental will be cancelled automatically when the product is received back. If you wish to cancel as soon as you have dropped it off or had it collected please send us a message with your order number and tracking number and the rental will be cancelled straight away. You will receive your deposit back within 14 days of the product being delivered back to us.
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